Blow Your Speakers With Bachir’s Bomb Squad Cassette Mix (Mixtape)

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With Chuck D and Public Enemy (deservingly) in the headlines regularly again—for a litany of reasons, let’s take a sec to look back. When it comes to the production collective known as The Bomb Squad (Hank & Keith Shocklee, Eric “Vietnam” Sadler, the oft-uncredited Johnny Juice, G-Wiz, and Chuck D) Bachir did just that.

Bomb Squad Cassette Tape locks in on 17 tracks that the collective was a part of, but goes a little deeper than the hits, or just the P.E. discography. Instead, this tape-themed mix includes pre-P.E. Chuck D, as Spectrum City, it includes Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and 3rd Bass, and it also includes non-Hip-Hop stars Aaron Hall and Peter Gabriel. Listen, and download if you like:BombSquad_Tape

Side A

1. Spectrum City — Check Out The Radio
2. Chilly Tee — Thinking Of Master Plan
3. Run-DMC — 3 In The Head
4. Young Black Teenagers — Korner Groove
5. Slick Rick — The Moment I Fear
6. The Stop The Violence Movement — Self Destruction
7. Aaron Hall — Don’t Be Afraid
8. Chuck D — But Can You Kill The N***r In You ?

Side B

1. Butch Cassidy’s Funk Bunch — On A Dj’s Birthday
2. Kings Of Pressure — Armed And Dangerous
3. Doug E. Fresh — Spirit
4. Peter Gabriel — Steam
5. Robert S — Good As Gold
6. The She Rockers — Give It A Rest
7. 3rd Bass — Oval Office
8. Big Daddy Kane — Nuff Respect
9. Public Enemy — Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)

Per usual on all things P.E./Bomb Squad, salute to ego trip! for the tip yesterday (September 30).

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