Chance The Rapper Is Making A 2014 Album, Rick Rubin & Frank Ocean Are Present…

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It’s been more than a year since Chance The Rapper released a full-length project. It was this time last year that Heads started the hubub for #AcidRap to be a popular nomination for the best Hip-Hop album/mixtape of 2013. Well, we just learned that 2014 might not be safe, either…


Billboard spoke with Chicago’s C.T.R, confirming that his next project is called Surf. While details are still slim, check this quote on a project that’s supposed to be in our players by the end of 2014:

“[Social Experiment and I] worked with Migos. We worked with J. Cole. We did some work with Emily King just last week. Somebody who helped us out a lot with just getting into the project was Rick Rubin. And Frank Ocean. There’s been a lot of just people in the studio watching us work almost like a house band. People come in just to watch us jam out.”

The studio’s been in Los Angeles, where Chance and Social Experiment are laying low. Moreover, the corresponding tour is said to be Lion King-influenced…

While Chance has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Rapsody, Chuck Inglish, and others since his rapid stardom, do you think some Hollywood heavyweights will keep his essence in check? Could they make him even better?

Read the whole Billboard feature with Chance The Rapper.

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