Cuttin’ & Scratchin’ With Cassette Tapes? Here’s How… (Video)

One of the best things about vinyl in the pre-Serato age is that it can be maneuvered. Whether you’re of Rob Swift or Roc Raida (R.I.P) skill, or your a bedroom DJ looking to learn how to make your first zigga-zigga’s, vinyl is hands-on and tempting to any technician.

In the advent of the CDJ, CDs afforded the same—though the scratch quality and sound was never quite the same, and the smaller wheels forever looked odd to mixing purists.

But did you know that cassette tapes are scratch-friendly too?

ego trip! shared an invention (the scrubboard) by Jeremy Bell, a DJ who discovered that disassembling tapes allows many of the same functions (if not more) than vinyl and styluses. Check this video, and meet Jeremy—who while might not look and sound like the typical part, is one BAD DJ…

Would this be the ultimate 8th grade science fair project, or what?

ego trip! shared two other tape-scratch methods that are worth exploring too…

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