Do Remember: Sadat X & Brand Nubian’s Lump Lump Remix (Audio)

It took more than seven years for Sadat X to release a solo album. While Grand Puba briefly left Brand Nubian to pursue solo interests in the mid-1990s (to some great success), Datty X, Lord Jamar, and DJ Alamo stayed the course of their Elektra Records outfit, stressing that it really was “one for all.”

By 1996, Grand Puba had released two solo albums outside of Brand Nubian, as Sadat inked his own solo deal with Loud Records for Wild Cowboys. While Sadat kept guest vocalists close to the circle (Money Boss Players, Puba, DV Alias Khryst), he utilized master producers such as Diamond D, Da Beatminerz, Pete Rock, Showbiz, Minnesota, and Dante Ross. With D.I.T.C’s strong involvement, Bronx native Buckwild laced the LP’s third single, “Lump, Lump.”

The song about relationships (and just bein’ cool) featured a whimsical video single, and as was in vogue in the mid-’90s, generated enough acclaim to warrant a remix. For that, Sadat welcomed all of Brand Nu to the chamber for a touched up mix about doing one’s own thing. Buckwild held the boards and reunited the group that was in a bit of a quiet hiatus, post 1994’s Everything Is Everything. While it would not be until 1998 that The Foundation was restored, this B-side was an ill reminder of the amazing group’s omnipresence in the changing moods of Rap, as 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. were gunned down, and indie labels were regularly going up.

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