For A Band As Colorful As Run The Jewels, Of Course There Would Be A Great Art Challenge…

Last week, Run The Jewels released their second album in as many years, both of which were available for free stream. In the case of RTJ2, the Mass Appeal Records retail release was also given away for free, open to the public, whether they opt to financially support or not.

What Heads heard when they pressed play on the sophomore R.T.J LP was a colorful album, musically and lyrically—complete with an appropriate follow-up in the cover art (now) series by Nicholas Gazin. That being said, 2DopeBoyz is reporting that Mass Appeal/Run The Jewels is challenging other artists out there to spread the word (or the visual jux) with Tag The Jewels.

Tag The Jewels is a worldwide street art initiative for which over 30 artists across six continents were invited to remix the [Run The Jewels’] iconic album cover art: two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain.

The artists were given a very simple brief and the freedom to express their own unique interpretations of Nicholas Gazin’s original artwork.

These signature pieces designed by respected local artists have gone up contemporaneously on walls from Los Angeles to Lagos, Paris to Jakarta, Sao Paolo to New Delhi and many more. It is the first global installation of it’s kind.

Run The Jewels is grateful to these talented artists for their generous and inspiring contributions.

Here are some fine examples:

Harsh Raman, New Delhi, India:


Senzo & Abid, Casablanca, Morocco:


Gus Cutty, Asheville, North Carolina:


For some more pieces/entries, and additional info, visit

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