For Devil’s Night, Get A Mix Of Esham, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tim Dog & More (Mixtape)

In many places, the night before Halloween means mischief, juvenile terror, and at the very least, smashed pumpkins (not of the Billy Corgan variety either). Instead of reeking havoc on your neighbors, or keeping an eye on your jack’o lanterns, why not just vibe out with some raps that are just as scary, menacing, and downright cruel?

Submitted to Ambrosia For Heads by Twitter, DJ Beverly Fresh mixed up Not This Side, a far-reaching, crate-digging, Horrorcore-loving blend of jams featuring the sick minds (and sicker flows) from the likes of Brotha Lynch Hung, Tim Dog, X-Raided, Esham, Dre Dog (n/k/a Andre Nickatina), Too Much Trouble, Ganksta Nip, Natas, Juicy J, and more. This is from 2012, featuring lots of early ’90s jams, and sounds incredibly influential and relevant in 2014.

This is free audio candy for those ears (available for download), on Devil’s Night:

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