Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar Are Out To Make Opponents Pay For It (Audio)

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In a year where so many are looking for heroes, Jay Rock is standing tall. Quietly, the Watts MC represents the perspective of an intelligent, strategic man, informed by some of the most cutthroat streets in the world, and a city not known to be merciful.

“Pay For It” comes from that place. The new single from the Black Hippy member and first flagship artist of TDE has ballad characteristics with its big, all-inclusive chorus by Chantal… but Jay’s words speak from a place of the have-nots, whether that’s from justice, money, or recognition within the Hip-Hop community.

Joined by Kendrick Lamar, just as Jay Rock was on song and stage leading up to 2011’s Section.80, this track is aptly timed for a year where lives have been taken without due process or proper explanation, a year where award shows may have seemed skewed, or a year where pain and suffering of all kinds may seem rampant.

A man of the people, Jay Rock pushes through and not only does he refuse to stand for it, he and Kendrick will make ’em “pay for it.”

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Show

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