Joe Budden Is A Master Of Ex-Rap, His Latest 5-Minute Journal Entry Proves It (Audio)

Longtime Joe Budden fans know that the Jersey City, New Jersey veteran has built a career off of breaking the fourth wall in his raps. From addiction to self-doubt, his paranoia and most open thoughts on Hip-Hop, Joe never holds back. And those who’ve been listening to the verses long before “Love & Hip-Hop” know the (self-described) femme fatales of his life, from Angie, to Tahiry Jose, to Kaylin Garcia. The onetime Def Jam hopeful’s female companionship and spouses are arguably among the most recognized/talked about in the genre.

On “Ordinary Love Shit, Pt. 4 (Keep Running),” the Slaughterhouse MC seemingly looks back at his decade of on-again, off-again with Tahiry. Heads may have seen the dramatic ending on Vh1, but Joe explains why he wants that chance at making it right, while also stating some underlying anger within the situation. Raw, heartfelt, and anything but formulaic, this song shows why Budden’s talking about the women in his life may be the most consistent thing in his extensive 15-plus-year career (along with skills, of course).


This believed to be an inclusion on November 4’s EP, Some Love Lost.

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