Masta Ace & Kid Tsunami’s Amazing Chase Track Morphs Into An EP (Audio)

One of the better albums in 2013 that did not get nearly enough shine in the greater Hip-Hop conversation was Kid Tsunami’s The Chase. The Australian producer recruited pointed lyrics from the likes of O.C., Sean Price, and Kool G Rap, among many others.

Of the album’s highlights was “Twothousand40,” with Masta Ace. A master (no pun) of concepts, Ace advanced the clocks to the year of the song, and imagined a young kid encountering an old Head, only to discover it was the Juice Crew MC, and onetime Delicious Vinyl Records star. With a premise, a reveal, a unique idea, and dope rapping throughout, the song could have fit nicely (especially with its dope beat) on Disposable Arts or Long Hot Summer.

With two new mixes (their components, and the original included), the song gets new life, even if it is now one year closer to 2040. Catch up on The Chase



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