Want To Feel Some 1970s New York City Seediness? Hit The Terminal Bar (Video)

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Whether you’re listening to Ultramagnetic MC’s, Mr. MFE, or Beastie Boys, MCs love “that old New York,” but should they really? Released more than a year ago, this 20+ minute documentary on one of the grimiest Midtown Manhattan bars flexes some realness on just how “do or die” Times Square really was in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Terminal Bar was the spot…pushers, pimps, addicts, runaways, and the like all came into this landmark bar across the street from the city’s Port Authority. Just spitting distance from the porn theaters, one-hour motels, drug dens, and other elements of a (mostly) bygone N.Y.C. experience, the Terminal is notably seen in the background several times in Martin Scorcese’s 1976 masterpiece Taxi Driver, which stars Robert De Niro, Jodi Foster, and Peter Boyle…with that famous film score that’s been sampled by Showbiz & A.G., The Juggaknots, and others.

If you spent enough time in Terminal Bar, bartender Sheldon Nadelman snapped a pic of you. This film, compiled by his relatives, relives that bar, that city, and that era in grime-time America that everybody wants to have back, but likely fears if it were here.

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