Wu-Tang Clan Has A History Of Iconic Artwork. How’s A Better Tomorrow Stack Up?

Wu-Tang Clan’s album artwork, collectively and as individually artists, has been that of pop culture. Re-popularized on t-shirts, posters, and the like, the images of the New York Rap collective are as timeless as the verses from RZA and the family.

It’s been revealed that W.T.C’s sixth album, A Better Tomorrow, will have the following artwork:


In trademark Wu innovative fashion, the collective (which is said to now include longtime affiliate Cappadonna) is nothing ordinary. The meshed landscape of New York (with special nod to Staten Island), Hollywood, Paris, London, Tokyo, and more is presented as an animated gif.

At present, the sixth LP from Wu-Tang is planned for December 2 on Warner Bros. Records, with early Wu executive/mentor Steve Rifkind (Loud Records) deeply involved.

Is this in line with the quality and impact of previous Wu artwork? Is this emblematic of where the Clansmen are now?


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