Action Bronson & Killer Mike Battle Each Other On A Treadmill & Stuff Gets Broken (Video)

Adult Swim is highly in-tune with Hip-Hop. That’s probably why the show-turned-network-turned-label released Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music back in 2012, which ultimately led to Run The Jewels. With that said, Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” premieres tonight, at 12:15am (which, is really tomorrow morning). The comedic variety show shared its closing from the Season 3 kick-off, and it features Mike Bigga, as well as Action Bronson.

Eric sets up Killer and Bam-Bam to battle each other, on treadmills. Adamsville clashes with Queens… and we’ll hold the suspense for the rest:

How’s this stack up against Funny Or Die’s Rick Ross “Rossfit” spoof?

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