BJ The Chicago Kid Covers Aaliyah & Kanye West With Originality (Mixtape)

In his budding career, BJ The Chicago Kid has been one of the most successful R&B artists to use the mixtape format. Before Jhene Aiko, it was this other Black Hippy affiliate who dropped gems like 2009’s The New Beginning and 2011’s The Life Of Love’s Cupid for free. By the time he released the acclaimed digital LP, 2012’s Pineapple Now-Laters, Heads’ appetites were whetted.

The same may be true of M.A.F.E. This effort finds the Universal Motown Records crooner covering joints like Kanye West and Chief Keef’s “Hold My Liquor,” as well as Aaliyah’s smash hit “One In A Million.” Although these covers are cobblestones in BJ’s path, he’s highly original in touching the work, in addition to a strong offering of his own material:


Get the free download of M.A.F.E. at BJ’s site.

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