Crooked I Confirms Name-Change To Kxng Crooked

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Heads who listened closely to this week’s “Shady cXVpher” may have heard Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I refer to himself as “Kxng Crooked.”


MTV News today confirmed today (November 12) that the moniker is more than just a braggy line.

“Everything needs to change and everything has to evolve. Creatively, I just want to go other places,” explained the Long Beach, California veteran whose been previously signed to Virgin and Death Row Records, before Slaugherhouse formed. “I just think that was the appropriate title to describe where I want to take it. People ask me, ‘Why the X instead of the I?’ Well, the X symbolizes the Roman numeral 10 and it’s also the multiplication sign. So, I’m really just trying to challenge myself to be 10 times better.”

With Kendrick Lamar, T.I., and Big K.R.I.T. all vying for crowns in lyrics and albums, among many others, Crook’ also expounded on how he is different. “Yo, I don’t ever base what I do on what other rappers do. I base it on the people who are supporters of my music and trying to be better than I was yesterday. That’s my main ambition when it comes to music. Plus, I know my culture. I know where I come from. I know I’ve got the blood of kings in me so it’s also some higher knowledge sh—. So, it just seemed appropriate.”

With the name-change, Crooked I announced that in less than one month, he has what is billed as his first studio album (following years of mixtapes, EPs, unofficial releases, and street albums). Sex, Money, & Hip-Hop will release December 16 on SMH Records.

Read the full MTV report here.

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