Eminem Released Infinite 18 Years Ago Today

With the anticipated release of his 9th studio album, Shady XV, Eminem continues to prove that he still has a ton of fire left in his gut. Look no further for proof of this fact than with the release of his 18 minute lyrical massacre, “Shady CVXPHER,” that recently set the internet ablaze, as well as his latest single, “Detroit Vs. Everybody,” that features solid work from Em and a host of Michigan based bar busters including Danny Brown, Big Sean, and Royce da 5’9″.


Not many people (except maybe Dr. Dre) would have predicted that 18 years ago, a skinny, bleach haired, 24 year old white kid from Detroit’s 8 Mile would grow into the Hip-Hop superstar that he is today. Speaking of today, November 12 marks the release of Eminem’s debut solo album, Infinite. A project that sold just around 1,000 copies and received more critical acclaim for Em’s lyrical abilities than for it’s musicality, Infinite was Eminem’s first step towards worldwide success. The 11 track project, which featured production with the mainstream in mind from Mr. Porter, was an early view into the mind of a young MC looking to find his own direction as an artist while battling inner demons that were scratching and clawing to be let loose on the world.

Fans wouldn’t experience the pain, torment, and troubles of Eminem’s life like they would three years later on his coming out party, Slim Shady LP, an album that went on to sell over 4 million copies while boasting controversial, yet personal content of a drug induced and violent nature. We had yet to learn of Slim’s hatred for his mother, the oft morbid disdain he felt for his ex-wife Kim, the juxtaposed love for his daughter Haile, or the incredible, genius level wordplay that brought it together, but Infinite set the stage.

Reminisce with us below.

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