Jerry Seinfeld Tells Wale To Spazz Out On Complex…In This Hilarious Spoof (Video)

Eleven months ago, Heads might recall Wale flipping out on Complex magazine’s Music Department for the exclusion of The Gifted from the Top 50 Albums Of 2013. In the recorded call, the Maybach Music Group artist threatened to visit the Midtown Manhattan offices the next day, and urged them to let security know in advance.

As the lists for 2014 are inevitably brewing at Complex, and across the media and blog industry, it’s reportedly “water under the bridge,” as the magazine’s team writes in a new Wale cover story for December/January 2015. However, Wale shares the cover with comedic/TV legend Jerry Seinfeld. The two began as two artists who simply met and caught a photo together years ago, as Wale began a series of “Seinfeld” (the NBC series)-inspired mixtapes. As the story suggests, the Washington D.C. area rapper and the NYC stand-up-comedian turned mega-millionaire have maintained a friendship ever since.

Seated at a diner in Manhattan, the two have a lightly-moderated discussion. It appears that Wale helps Jerry understand a generational shift, the kids that flooded to NYC sometime after Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer left us. Meanwhile, Jerry helps Wale (not heavy-handedly) deal with fame, media, and the constant rat-race of entertainment. Regardless of whether you’re a Wale Head or a “Seinfeld” Head, this reads like an Interview magazine feature, with that Complex flare.

As an outtake/video vignette from the shoot/interview, Jerry and Wale do a parody scene, from December, 2013 of the 60 year-old comedian encouraging the 30 year-old MC to start a ruckus with Marc Ecko’s mag, after “Juicy J” got the look The Gifted did not:

Read the Wale x Jerry Seinfeld digital cover story for Complex.

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