KRS-One & Channel Live’s Hakim Show Out On Mr. Green’s Series (Video)

Mr. Green’s Noisey-backed series, Live From The Streets, continues to expand around the Hip-Hop globe. In his third season of the series, the Outsidaz affiliate doesn’t need to look far from his New Jersey upbringing to find Hakim Green (Channel Live) and Hakim’s mentor/close friend, KRS-One.

Blastmasta and Hak’ were in Newark for support of Mayor Ras Baraka, where Mr. Green, who cut his teeth opening for the pair back in the day, approached them. With KRS lecturing, Hakim spitting a familiarly elemental verse, and Mr. Green’s capturing street sounds, a complex song is made:

KRS-One has kind of been hard to reach for a lot of Heads making music. Isn’t stuff like this a reminder of what makes Kris so amazing?

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