Still Built For Cuban Links…Wu-Tang Clan Dedicates A Cut To The Necklaces (Audio)

Although they sometimes don’t get due credit for it, the Wu-Tang Clan are masters of jewelry Rap. It can be easy to forget that Ghostface Killah famously battled his watch (voiced as Raekwon) 15 years ago.

The Chef also dedicated his two most revered solo LPs to those who appreciated Cuban Link gold necklaces, an overlap of who might appreciate his vivid raps in 1995 and 2009, respectively.

Earlier this month, the Clan showed that they’re still out to bring da ruckus in another look from A Better Tomorrow (December 2). Now, sticking to that retrospective form, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and GZA (who absolutely shines) come out to honor that G-O-L-D (® Nice & Smooth) with flare on a spicy RZA track:


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