50 Cent Remembers Being Afraid In The Early 2000s, Big Ups KRS-One (Video)

Ninety-second interviews would be irrelevant for most people, let alone celebrities or MCs. Somehow, 50 Cent’s lucid admissions defy that logic though. Sitting down with HOT 97, 50 Cent uses a minute and a half to speak so bluntly about 2000, when the Queens, New York hopeful was shot multiple times.

Subsequently dropped by Trackmasters/Columbia Records, Fif recalls being afraid for one of the few times in his life. The artist touches on the fear being hit instilled in him, and how instead of simply looking at the bushes, the street figure began “looking through them.”

In this same vignette, Curtis Jackson speaks, for the latest time, on his respect for KRS-One, despite Kris Parker’s Boogie Down Productions-era jabs at Queens. Powerful stuff, in a short, 97 second, package:

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