A Chronology Of Rap Criticism Of Police Featuring P.E., dead prez & Dilla (Mixtape)

In the midst of a troubling, if not challenging year with police brutality, Hip-Hop’s discography carries a lot of the frustrations in the archives. As today’s Hip-Hop artists reflect on the 2014 murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and look for the expression, let alone the words of the people, some of the existing art may speak for the masses.

DJ Akiin of The Almighty Shing Shing Regime dug into the crates and found records by N.W.A., Public Enemy, dead prez, and Main Source that capture an anger, frustration, and distrust with law enforcement throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s.

Beyond the easily reachable cuts that many Heads may know, Akiin includes deeper reactions, including those from The Hot Boys’ Turk, 2Pac, J. Cole, and Game. Additionally, The Almighty Shing Shing Regime’s own takes are included in Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: The Mixtape:



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