Bumpy Knuckles Liberates A Pete Rock-Produced Relic With Fresh Rhymes (Audio)

New York City O.G.’s Bumpy Knuckles and Pete Rock made history together on 2000’s Industry Shakedown. “Bumpy Knuckles Baby” signaled the name-change, alter-ego from the Freddie Foxxx era. As Pete Rock was amidst his own transition from the Elektra Records era, into a strong solo career, he left the Long Island homie with a gang of beat tapes.

On “Rayon,” Bumpy looks to some of these dusty beats. The P.R. beat doesn’t sound like a slow and jazzy track, but rather the quirky, aggressive NYC sound that Bumpy’s generally favored from him, DJ Premier, and The Alchemist. In what appears to be a 2014 verse (not 100% sure), Bump calls out the polyester personalities in his class of peers, and at the same time, states why he’s the actual artifact.


After Bump Knux has made full projects with DJ Premier (The KoleXXXion), Statik Selektah (Ambition), and Jesse West (Music From The Man, Vol. 1). Is it due time for that Soul Brother x Freddie Foxxx joint work?

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