Gemstones Is No Longer In Lupe Fiasco’s Shadow In Tells A Gripping Story (Video)

Between 2006’s Food & Liquor and 2007’s The Cool, Lupe Fiasco appeared to have one of the most exciting rosters for fledgling talent at 1st & 15th. Between Gemstones (originally as “Gemini”) and Matthew Santos on vocals, and Soundtrakk plus Chris & Drop teased ears with unique, grabbing beats.

Sadly, Lupe’s label—like many artists, fell to the wayside due to Lupe’s own label drama with Atlantic, his partner’s incarceration, and not enough attention paid to the budding talent.

Gemstones is still here though. The Chicago, Illinois MC/singer who also performs as Demarco Castle has fed the fans with a steady dose of free product. After forays with Gospel and R&B, the street-wise, multi-faceted MC has an album, Blind Elephant, planned for February 2015. In some energized, breathless storytelling, “Circles” expounds on the youth violence plaguing the Windy City and much of the world right now. The video, which features some disturbing images, emphasizes just what Gemstones is out to eradicate, while planting thoughts in our minds:

As artists like 50 Cent, Jay Rock, and even Lupe make dents years after being “discovered,” is Gemstones poised to make the mark he missed nearly a decade ago?

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