Ice-T Gives Mobb Deep An Amazing Interview, From Police To Hip-Hop (Audio)

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Did you know that Ice-T is one of the biggest Mobb Deep Heads out?

The O.G. is a big fan of the M-O-B-B. If you didn’t know, it becomes abundantly clear in this recent Final Level Podcast episode (#24). Ice welcomes Prodigy and Havoc into his sponsored podcast. Joined by T’s homie Mick Benzo, the four men discuss a foray of topics, from the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner (and others), to the recent Bill Cosby rape allegations, to drug cartels, The Tunnel, and East and West Coast styles.

Although recorded before the two decisions not to indict the officers who killed Brown and Garner, the opinions on current events may resonate. Those on police, especially the NYPD are interesting, given Ice-T’s dichotomous past, recording “Cop Killer” with Body Count, before playing a police detective on “Law & Order: SVU.”

Nearing the hour-mark, after discussing current events, sports, and various pleasantries, Ice-T begins one of the strongest Mobb Deep interviews you’ll ever hear. Ice recalls hearing the pair for the first time, in The Tunnel. Claiming he owns all the albums, Gangsta Tracy asks Havoc about taking on production duties for The Infamous, following the guest spots in Juvenile Hell. T asks Prodigy about South Central Cartel, who coincidentally are a pair, named Havok and Prodeje. Ice’s dropping of Rap, from the Cold Crush Brothers to Mobstyle. He asks thoughtful, penetrating questions.

You can hear Havoc, who appears under the influence, laughing and getting a little starstruck with Ice-T—adding to the effect.




There is so much history, thought, and research in this discussion. It’s not terribly organized, but Final Level reaches the top with effect and charm.

Props to ego trip! on tipping this off.

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