KRS-One Teams With Torae To To Break Down The Contrary Meanings Of Clique (Audio)

Champagne to some, a posse to others, and the sign of a hung up phone to others, “clicks” are everywhere. KRS-One and Torae bring it from the Bronx to Brooklyn alongside the Rocksteady Crew’s DJ JS-1 for his recently-released It Is What It Isn’t album.

On “Klick Clique,” Kris and Tor’ both intensively examine the vast meanings of the word and how believing in the negative “click” will cost ya in the long run.


Low key, Blastmasta KRS-One has dropped a lot of music in 2014 versus other non-album years. Catch up on what you may have missed, featuring some truly interesting collaborations (Channel Live, Kool G Rap, Greg Nice, Cutty Ranks, R.A. The Rugged Man, Chris Rivers)

Is this a much-due knighting of the Coney Island MC/radio personality Torae?

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