Action Bronson & Alchemist Hot Box With B-Real, Talk Wrestling & Cookbooks (Video)

B-Real’s Smokebox TV is a cool series for unrestricted, totally different interviews. The Cypress Hill front-man gets stoned with his friends and peers in what appears to be an old 1980s Cadillac Fleetwood sedan, somewhere in a garage (other episodes are in other cars and locales). While plenty of Rap artists talk about mind elevation, this interview series sees just how much these artists can hang with “Dr. Greenthumb” himself.

B-Real is joined by Alchemist and Action Bronson in the latest segment. ALC came up on the West Coast with Soul Assassins, while he was mentored by Havoc and Mobb Deep on the East. With this in mind, B-Real remembers dropping a teenage Alan The Chemist off at hockey practice, a funny thought for Gangrene Heads. Meanwhile, Bam Bam Bronson and B discuss old school wrestling, and what got the Queens, New York MC into the sport (long before he practiced moves on stage). Additionally, Action discusses plans for a cookbook surrounding on edible marijuana treats, and details why “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” along with Juice, were the elements that brought him to an eventual career in Rap.

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