Aesop Rock Unleashes Two Sinister New Songs Filled With Cynicism & Wordplay (Audio)

Aesop Rock’s solo interests have been largely quieted since 2012’s Skelethon album (which marked a charting pinnacle for the veteran). Focused on his Hail Mary Mallon crew, and other artistic interests, the Def Jukie-turned-Rhymesayer spent most of 2013 and 2014 in such a mind-frame. 2015 returns to form, directionally as it were, as Aesop releases two songs for his Beastiary Tour, with H.M.M.

This free-standing two-sided single (Aesop is calling it an EP) includes “Cat Food” and “Bug Zapper,” which have pleasant production, fitting for the unique MC who blends poetry with that industrial delivery. “Bug Zapper” in particular, kind of has a Weathermen feel to it, the bygone early 2000s days, with Aesop sounding pepped up and recharged.

Skelethon won plenty of Heads over. Think there’s more Aes’ up his sleeve?

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