Do Remember: TRU & C-Bo – That’s How We Break Bread (Audio)

In truth, it’s been a pretty quiet decade for Master P. For the most part, the No Limit Records founder seems to have chosen a pathway out of the Rap-Race rat-race, living the good life in that Southern California sun. Although P has developed some new acts at No Limit, including his daughter, Cymphonique, while his son, Romeo, took on the reigns at the 20-plus year-old label.

In the opening days of 2015, Master P shook the Internets when he made an unlikely “power” move: recording a song with Lil Wayne. While “beef” between No Limit and Cash Money Records in the 1990s and 2000s would be a vast overstatement, the two New Orleans independent, multi-platinum labels had a rivalry that did not allow collaboration—and some “baller blockin'” over group and release titles. Artists, including Curren$y and Mystikal, defected (eventually, anyway) from No Limit to the YMCMB imprint. Now, the shoe appears on the other foot, as a professionally unhappy Lil Wayne (in terms of his label, anyway), made a song with P, “Power.”

Although the song is still not even a week old, it’s making its rounds, and reminding people that Master P—love or hate his music—can still make moves, and songs. He’s got a mixtape comin’ too. With that said, “Do Remember” opted to rewind the clocks just under 20 years, to when No Limit Records—then still based in Richmond, California, where Master P owned a record store, started working with established artists.

1995’s True album by TRU was a third release by the No Limit flagship group of Miller brothers Master P, C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker, in addition to Big Ed The Assassin and King George, both of whom would leave the group by the end of the 1990s. True, was a step for TRU with in-house production, in Beats By The Pound after tenures with E-A-Ski and CMT, and others. While New Orleans’ Bounce sound would be implemented, the Gangsta Rap collective maintained clear ties to the Northern California Rap community, evidenced in their major collaboration “That’s How We Break Bread.”

Sacramento, California’s C-Bo had been a star sensation on the coast. Whereas Too Short, E-40 and Tha Luniz had club appeal, Cowboy was defiantly a street MC, with Horror-core appeal akin to nearby MC Brotha Lynch Hung. By Summer of 1995, C-Bo had Top 200 presence (a feat Master P had not yet achieved), in his own Tales From The Crypt album on AWOL Records, scoring a Top 100 debut. Both C-Bo and Master P had ties to respected vets like 2Pac and E-40, yet each was carving an independent grind.

“That’s How We Break Bread,” like “Power,” told the music industry that Master P was makin’ moves, countin’ cash (or “getting mail”) beyond Rap, and makin’ the dash on a hardcore slapper. With eerie piano keys, hard drums, and those sinister Beats By The Pound synths, this track was that uncompromising TRU mantra.

Although not a video single or a “greatest hit” in the No Limit canon, “That’s How We Break Bread” showed the world that Master P wanted to work with others, and TRU deserved to be heard. P grabbed a budding artist, and made a statement. Twenty years later, he’s still doing that, in what just might be a comeback year.

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