Domingo Unleashes Some Heltah Skeltah Era Sean Price & Ruste Juxx On A Dope Beat (Audio)

Domingo has been incredibly active in Hip-Hop production for more than 20 years. The East New Yorker combines far-reaching samples with quality arrangements. On February 17, he’s releasing Sessions & Lessons, a compilation of rare and unreleased work, featuring some of the gold that the longtime KRS-One affiliate has shared in the last year.

“All Time Great” is one of these songs. Featuring what sounds like a Ruck-era Sean Price and protege Ruste Juxx, the track has the kind of quirky yet thumping beat that made the Underground Hip-Hop glory days so special. Sean’s got the humor, unpredictable flows, and deadpan threats that would make 2005’s Monkey Barz a game-changer for himself and Duck Down, but this moment sounds like a welcomed time capsule of all that coming to form.

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