Hip-Hop’s Fashion Innovation The Subject Of A New Documentary Film By Sacha Jenkins (Trailer)

From the Cold Crush Brothers to A$AP Rocky, Hip-Hop culture has always been fashion-forward. From sneakers with fat laces (or no laces at all), to eyeglasses frames, jewelry, bluejeans, tailored suits, sports apparel, sunglasses, flannel shirts, ski goggles, beanies, bubble-goose jackets, skullies, and leather duffel bags, there are legions of movements, booms, and bursts within, spanning Hip-Hop’s timeline, geography, and diaspora.

Sacha Jenkins (ego trip!, Mass Appeal) has partnered with CNN Films to produce a new documentary, Fresh Dressed: The Revolution Of Fashion Born On The Streets.

Narrators and personalities included in the film include iconic MC Big Daddy Kane and New York Giants great (and Super Bowl champion) Carl Banks, who has worked closely with Starter and other brands.


With the trailer available online now, the full film is headed to this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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