KRS-One Returned To The Boom-Bap Back In 1993. But What About This Leftover? (Audio)

KRS-One’s first solo album, 1993’s Return Of The Boom Bap clearly mapped out the Blastmasta from his Boogie Down Productions past. A Top 40 charting effort on his longtime Jive Records home, the LP welcomed DJ Premier and Showbiz to the cypher.

Fourteen tracks would make the LP a hardcore favorite, and arguably Kris’ finest solo LP. However, there are more works that never made the cut. DJ Kenny Parker, who was deep in the mix at that point, shared one particular sparse cut. “Late Night,” produced by Kenny, has a stream of consciousness to it. In a true demo quality, this record is the perfect bridge from where Tha Teacha was coming from in ’93 to where he was headed:


Was this album worthy?

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