Murs Is Feelin’ Himself On A Groovy Track From Company Flow’s Mr. Len (Audio)

Murs and Mr. Len have long run in adjacent circles. When Murs started to make his ascent to being one of the premier MCs in Hip-Hop, it was through his Def Jux work (End Of The Beginning, Murs 3:16). Definitive Jux was launched by El-P, the former musical partner of Mr. Len (and Bigg Jus) in Company Flow.

While Murs has a strong output of music, the New Jersey producer/DJ often remains in hiatus. So when Murs 3:16-meets-Dummy Smacks, it’s kind of a big deal. “My Final Underground Song” has a powerful title, for a headstrong Murray on the mic. Len uses those classic Whodini drums, in making the kind of song that would have likely spoken to 2Pac and Tha Outlawz. Both Len and Murs are so above the “underground” label anyway, given their influence, and in Murs’ case, numerous chart appearances. This clears the table in style…

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