Omar Epps Might Need To Come With That Album! Domingo Unleashes A 1995 Joint (Audio)

Last year, Heads got a fast reminder that in addition to longtime acting chops, Omar Epps can spit. The star of Juice, Higher Learning, and TV’s “House” presented a 2004 compilation, The Get Back. However, the Brooklyn, New Yorker never let his rhyme skills get dusty, evident alongside Saigon and Papoose on 2014’s video single, “Sinner’s Prayer.”

Epps—whose wife is Keisha from Bad Boy group Total—has his own material in the cannon. East New York, Brooklyn producer Domingo liberated “The Eyes Of God” by Omar (as WolfPack). Recorded back in 1995, Omar Epps certainly “had ‘the juice’ on the microphone,” unafraid of fast deliveries, and rugged imagery:

Do Omar Epps’ rhymes surprise you? Should he have gotten a full-length project?

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