R.A. The Rugged Man Makes An Artful & Powerful Indictment Against The Media (Video)

Back in 2013, Long Island, New York Hip-Hop veteran R.A. The Rugged Man released a monster in Legends Never Die. The Nature Sounds release garnered due praise, and one of the dense moments within was the track “Media Midgets.” Produced by 20-plus-year collaborator Buckwild (D.I.T.C.) and mixed by super-engineer Chris Conway, the track is a slow-moving, hard-edge indictment on the press, corporate influence, radio, television, and misinformation out there.

Within the lines, R.A. points to the political lies he sees, how Rap media tried to interpret a lyric to claim friend Notorious B.I.G. dissed him, and how the culture (all cultures) are being rewritten from true events.

For the video, the MC formerly known as Crustified Dibbs maintains his eye for video quality (a director in his own right, and editor in this case). The video, shot in a scrapyard, includes legions of little people—speaking to R.A.’s title and metaphor. He also uses gas masks, rusty blades, and industrial weapons to create that apocalyptic world that he feels we may be living in, amongst the lies.

This appears inspired by The Road Warrior and Freaks.

Do you think R.A. has a point?

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