This Might Be Grand Puba’s Best Song In 10 Years & It Resonates (Audio)

Unlike Sadat X and Lord Jamar, both of whom stay incredibly active in songmaking and social media, respectively, Grand Puba plays the background. Stud Doogie is the faction of Brand Nubian who often wants his silence and privacy, taking an extended break since 2009’s Retroactive.

However, recent events and world news made Maxwell grab the mic. The result, “The More Things Change” is as soulful as you’ll hear the New Rochelle legendary MC, who also put in work with Masters Of Ceremony. Puba sings on the jazzy track (with whom appears to be somebody else), and it works beautifully. In between, Max looks at his age old messages with Brand Nu and solo, and sees how it’s all 360—tragically relative. Black Lives matter now, like they did then—and it’s sad that it needs reminding.

The song comes from Pu’s longtime label, Babygrande Records, hinting at more goodies to come on an album also called The More Things Change. This songs stands strong, and has purpose and value.

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