What If The Wire Was Set In Gentrified Brooklyn? Kevin Hart Illustrates… (Video)

HBO’s “The Wire” awakened a multitude of viewers to the grittiness of Baltimore, Maryland’s underbelly. The hit show magnificently highlighted the total characterization of the drug trade, from corner-boys, to kingpins, henchman, to police officers, media, government, and transporters.

David Simon’s crime drama has been off the air for almost seven years, but it remains on the minds of many. Kevin Hart, guest-hosting last night’s 40th anniversary season of “SNL” episode (January 17), speculated on what might happen if Omar, McNulty, Mumbles, and company had moved their set to present-day Brooklyn, New York. More specifically, what if “The Wire” were in Bushwick, Brooklyn—a notably gentrified part of the borough noted for its food co-ops, artists in residence, and family-friendly vibes quite distant from the part of town where Da Beatminerz, O.C., Eddie Murphy, and Bushwick Bill were born and raised.

Somehow Kevin Hart, Kenan Thompson, and Jay Pharoah know how to make gentrification (and posturing) quite funny.

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