A New Mix Comes To Light Of A Stellar Large Professor & MF Grimm Collabo (Audio)

Back in 2006, St. Louis, Missouri producer DJ Crucial released an album, Test Presses & Dub Plates that did not get the shine it deserved. The compilation-style album included strong guest-work from MF DOOM, MC Eiht, Slug, and others. One cut included was “United,” from Large Professor and MF Grimm.

The moment may have gone largely unnoticed, but for Heads who followed the careers of each—both tied into 1990s-era Kool G Rap, it was a bright spot, from two artists who sounded great together. Nearly a decade later, a new SP Remix (which admittedly shines even harder) surfaces that highlights the F5 moment beautifully.

This song sounds like nothing from out of this decade. Wow.

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