Action Bronson Is The Wizard of Oz. Take A Look Behind the Curtain (Video)

Action Bronson’s five-year plan has paid off. Once an underground New York Hip-Hop MC, Bam-Bam is now a major label artist, hitting the charts, and starring in an HBO-distributed food series. He’s working with Rap’s elite veteran class, and still has the humor, charm, and gritty imagery that brought him here.

The visual to the Noah “40” Shebib-produced “Actin’ Crazy” tackles that. Gettin’ shot in front of a green-screen, coiffed by pretty stylists, and living a VIP life, Bronson is enjoying the ride. With some crazy special effects and editing, it shows how Bronson is when he’s “on” for the camera, and when he’s “off” just trying to keep it going. Dinosaurs, jet-skis, spinning psychedelic sequences, and basketball sneak their way in, during a video that entertains on several levels.

Mr. Wonderful in less than one month (March 24).

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