An Upcoming Documentary Captures The Essence Of The Bronx In 1979 (Video)

A new documentary is on the horizons, exploring the year of 1979 within the setting of the Bronx, New York. In a borough that was literally burning, with buildings crumbling, Hip-Hop was burgeoning in a major way. Thanks to the controversial (within Hip-Hop purists and pioneers) hit “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, Rap music would go global that very year.

Bronx 79 involves pioneers including DJ Disco Wiz, photographer Joe Conzo, historian/author Jeff Chang, and curator Sara Rosen in a stylized telling of just what made the last year of the 1970s so special in the BX.

The trailer is inspired by many low-budget ’70s films, and seems to capture the vibe of a bygone era in New York City, music, culture, and art:

Bronx 79 Extended Trailer from Gen One Films on Vimeo.

Props to ego trip! on the spot.

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