Asher Roth & Nottz Blow Your Head with a Chopped Public Enemy Loop (Audio)

In the last seven years, some of Asher Roth’s strongest lyrical displays, and most complete songs came from his sessions with Virginia veteran Nottz. Five (very short) years ago, the pair made The Rawth EP, and they’re back at it.

As Asher has veered into other genres with an over-arching psychedelic sound, this finds him front and center in Hip-Hop. Just as his no-pulled-punches verses of 2008 and 2009 rung plenty of bells, the Def Jam Records MC pokes fun at himself (losing his tokenized “spot” to Mac Miller in the eyes of some fans), the cornball motives of the industry, and proves that he never left the wordplay behind. For his part, Nottz Raw supplies a sample-based beat that attacks tweeters and amps at the same time, suitable for trunk and headphones.

Think there’s more where this came from?

#BonusBeat: It’s never too late to enjoy a little Rawth:

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