Atmosphere Releases The 1995 Video That Got The Rhymesayers Goin’ & It’s Still Relevant (Video)

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Now a chart-topping independent Hip-Hop juggernaut, Atmosphere had less glamorous beginnings. The Minneapolis, Minnesota crew centered around MC Slug and producer Ant had a lot of “Headshots” leading up to their studio debut, Overcast! In a benchmark year for Rhymesayers Entertainment, some of those rarely-discussed songs, tapes, and moments are getting greater consideration.

For instance, in 1995, Atmosphere released the crew’s first video. “Ear Blister,” intended to be a single from the Eighteen Shots On A Bus In The Middle Of Nowhere compilation (likely a reference to one of Slug’s inspirations, LL Cool J), was in fact filmed. However, when the comp (backed by the Headshots crew) never released, the video largely stayed in the can.

Back when the group had Slug and (Atmosphere co-founder) Spawn as MCs, they were kickin’ hard-nosed, confident, battle-tested lyrics that still showered shimmers of the poetic, imagery-driven raps from the 2000s. This type of Hip-Hop certainly feels based in that Freestyle Fellowship, Blackalicious, and Natural Elements vibe.

Today, this vibe that is aimed to be captured by crews like Pro Era and Odd Future.

How many groups could keep a relic like this a relative secret for 20 years, when it’s so dope?

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