Bad Lucc, Ab-Soul, Problem & Punch Flip A Rare Dr. Dre Remix (Audio)

Bad Lucc has been paying 10 years of dues. However, as he and his Diamond Lane Music Group label-mate Problem have witnessed, good things happen to those who wait. A onetime member of Snoop Dogg’s Dubb Union (with fellow dues-payers Damani N’kosi and Soopafly), Lucc is among the new guard in Los Angeles, California that’s grabbing international attention.

“Top Of The Diamond” is an homage to the movement, with a pepped-up Problem on the track. TDE’s Ab-Soul and Punch also chime in, showing the unity. Ab has a field day with wordplay in his thought out guest spot. As a whole, all four MCs go for the gusto with quoteables, punchlines, and a strong sense of friendly competition.

The arrangement of the track (produced by League Of Starz) nods to Dr. Dre & Sam Sneed’s G-Funk remix of 1994’s Pittsburgh-to-Compton hit, “U Better Recognize.” Vinyl Heads know. Rather notably, Lucc’s Dubb Union partner Soopafly also worked with Sneed in producing for the Murder Was The Case soundtrack, among other later Death Row releases.

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