Blu & MED Release a Mixtape Strictly for the Underground. No Fakers Allowed (Audio)

While they’re both old soul MCs, both Blu and MED utilize the digital age to the fullest. The two sunny Southern California lyricists release music at a pace that would make 2Pac proud. Whether the albums are on major labels, legendary indies, or bootlegged by the men who made them, these two stay recording, and stay releasing product to follow.

The Lootpack’s DJ Romes, who joins MED as a longtime Stones Throw Records affiliate/artist, whips up a 25-minute mix for the tandem’s Bad Neighbor Tour of some joints that even the novice Heads might have missed. All of these rare crate excavations stem from 2011 to 2014. Rather ironically, MED released this mix as a CD on Bang Ya Head Entertainment to boot.


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