Do Remember: Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s The Creator (Video)

In the last week, Android released a new campaign, “Handshake.” Notably, phones were not (at all) featured in the one-minute television ads, but rather a series of celebrations from athletes, friends, ballet dancers, families, thespians, and so forth. Premiering during Sunday night’s (February 15) NBA All-Star game/ “SNL 40,” these ads grabbed Hip-Hop Heads’ attention for the simple fact that they included Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s 1991 breakthrough single, “The Creator.”

From the New York City duo’s first release, the slept-on All Souled EP, the song was notable in its debut of Pete Rock’s rapping, and CL’s DJ’ing. The MC/producer tandem traded traditional roles on the Elektra Records breakthrough, with a hearty concoction of Memphis samples from Eddie Bo, The Mar-Keys, Aretha Franklin, and King Curtis.

The lead single from the debut enjoyed Pete and CL’s video. A seafaring adventure, the Elektra-backed glimpse at the New Rochelle-Mount Vernon duo features care-free dancing, costuming, and a lo-fi look at New York City’s harbor from 26 years ago. Pete Rock proved that he joined some iconic peers as a deft-rapping producer, while CL showed that he knew his way around the cross-fader—Hip-Hop to the core.

With advertisement licensing raising awareness to a host of music, new and old (Rolling Stones, Chairlift, Black Sheep), could this be the dynamite necessary to bring on the latest reunion from two living legends? At the very least, will it raise awareness of one of Rap’s finest EPs?

#BonusBeat: The 12″ “Slide To The Side Remix” of “The Creator”:

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