Friday Is The New Tuesday…Albums Will Now Drop In Time For The Weekend

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An age-old tradition for music consumers is about to change. For Heads who waited outside record stores on Tuesday mornings, or stay up way too late waiting to buy from digital retailers on a work/school-night for a particular anticipated release, times, they are a changin’. Billboard has reported that effective this summer, Friday will be the new Tuesday.

That said, the weekend will mean the arrival of new commercial music, similar to many theatrical film releases. The powers that be are citing “a majority of consumers who bother to care which day new music comes out prefer to hear it on Fridays and Saturdays,” but others are citing profit margins as the leading cause in the shift.


With non-traditional releases, most recently seen in Drake’s Thursday late-night/Friday morning release of If You’re Reading This Its Too Late—a certified gold album the following week, is this move even meaningful?

With many mom & pop record stores often selling physical albums (CDs/vinyl) prior to Tuesdays currently to maintain sales at the risk of streams and bootlegging, will album leaks be more prominent during high-traffic web use in the week?

What is your most memorable Tuesday music-buying experience?

Read the full Billboard article on Friday becoming the new “Global Release Day.”

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