If You Love The Vid To The Furious 5’s The Message, F.Stokes Is Worth Your Time (Video)

F.Stokes is one of the best kept secrets of Hip-Hop right now. This Madison, Wisconsin native (who has spent a ton of time in Chicago) has a live show where he literally convinces showgoers to sit on the (dirty) floor sometimes. He is energetic, insightful, and original, with an array of tangible influences.

“The Slums” is the latest visual from the Doomtree affiliate. In it, he clearly nods to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s video for “The Message.” Filmed on a VHS Camcorder, this work mimics the grit, “special effects,” and even the backdrops of the early 1980s. Moreover, his rapping style does the same in a song that has that chutzpah Heads love in the early days of videos.

This is from A Princess Named Leroy, which can be streamed/downloaded below:

#BonusBeat: Here’s the original Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 “The Message” video from 1982, with the vibes that F.Stokes is channeling:

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