Lord Finesse Went Up To Fat Beats In 1996 & Showed Why He’s One Of The Nicest (Video)

Nineteen years ago this month, Lord Finesse released his latest studio album. The Awakening, on the recently-relaunched Penalty Records, included scorching beats, almost all of which were created by the “funky technician” himself. However, the rhymes may have shined the hardest, with Finesse just in full Rap bravado mode, and complemented by KRS-One, Akinyele, MC Lyte, Large Professor, and others in his Diggin’ In The Crates conglomerate.

In promotion of the 1996 LP, the D.I.T.C. co-founder stepped up into Fat Beats (the grand opening of the famed 6th Avenue location), and grabbed the mic to show why he’s one of the fiercest MCs to ever do it. The smooth, casual confidence pops, as the Bronx, New York triple-threat kills over a newly-pressed De La Soul instrumental.

One can understand why Finesse’s style not only influenced his protege, Big L, but also Eminem.

With Diamond D, O.C., and Fat Joe remaining active in releases, will Hip-Hop ever get that fourth ‘Ness LP?

Thank you DJ Eclipse for sharing this great moment in time!

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