Souls Of Mischief’s Opio Knows Something About Making Futuristic Jeep Music (Audio)

Of all the members of Souls Of Mischief, it often seems like Opio keeps the lowest profile. The Oakland, California veteran may play the background, but he’s laid down some critical verses for Souls as well as the Hieroglyphics releases. With a handful of projects, Ope’ showcases a 2015 cut, “Let The Bass Go.”

The track, supported by Free The Robots, lives up to its name, with strong 808’s, effects, and lots of toys for the tweeters too. Opio waxes a hometown flow in a song that calls back to the kickers-and-amps lining up a Jeep, or as Opio recalls, those 5.0 Mustangs.

This is from the four-track Subconscious Mind EP.

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