The Beat Junkies Honor J Dilla With A Scorching 2015 Remembrance Mix (Audio)

One of the subtleties that makes Dilla Day (February 10) so special in recent years is majorly due to The Beat Junkies and DJ J. Rocc. The Los Angeles, California DJ, who was the third—often uncredited—member of JayLib, finds new and innovative ways to praise his friend, collaborator, and Stones Throw Records label-mate.

“Get Live With It (The J Dilla 2 x 4 Mix)” is J. Rocc joined by DJ Rhettmatic (also of The Visionaries, who worked with Dilla) in taking instrumentals, rare blends, mixes, and more, and telling James Yancey’s story (the 2015 remembrance, anyway) through kicks and snares, keys and triggered samples:

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