Audio Two’s Milk Dee Is Still Top Billin’, With Sean Price & Murda Mook (Audio)

Not only is Audio Two’s 1987 “Top Billin'” a Rap/Hip-Hop classic, Milk Dee and Gizmo’s moment in the sun remains an early and critical representation of Brooklyn, New York. From Big Daddy Kane to Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G. to Foxy Brown, top billin’ is a style, an attitude, and a way of life for kids comin’ from Kings County.

DJ EFN links up with Milk Dee (who’s made big checks thanks to licensing his drum beat and vocals to 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, Tha Luniz, etc.) Milk reworks his classic lines to suit the Miami, Florida DJ/producer and his Another Time LP, while Sean Price (who’s top billin’ even when he claims to be “the brokest rapper you know”) and Murda Mook chime in with some feisty, razor sharp bars.

“Crazy Dope” is an appropriate title for this authentic extension of a Rap jam through the generations.

Is “Top Billin'” one of the most timeless 1980s Rap songs that rarely gets its props in discussion?

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