Big Shug & DJ Premier Wave The Gang Starr Flag In This Dedication To The Craft (Video)

Big Shug is more than 20 years strong in hittin’ Heads off with straightforward, working man verses. The Boston, Massachusetts MC who was a member of Gang Starr prior to No More Mr. Nice Guy clearly put in his work. “I Bleed For This” focuses on that. With a slow and evocative beat by DJ Premier, Shug raps slow and steady in a graveyard setting—perhaps a reference to his late partner (whose tomb is not featured).

In the song, the onetime boxer goes as far as mentioning Guru and their bond, while also talking about the street tactics (scratched off serial numbers, cash-only income) that made him so integral to “The Militia.” What longtime listeners may find especially unique about this (just-released Brick Records-backed) Triple OGzus single is that it also features Shug’s singing talents on the chorus. It certainly accentuates this track and message.

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